Is A Bassinet Safe?

Is A Bassinet Safe

Is a bassinet safe for your child? Some people feel that a bassinet is less safe because it isn’t a heavy a piece of furniture compared to a traditional crib.

Is a Bassinet Safe For Your Infant?

Bassinets, and baby cribs have long been the preferred bedding choice of infants, young children, and adults alike. Although this past century has seen the rise of “designer” baby beds, bassinets still remain a mainstay in the world of baby furniture. A bassinet, or cradle is simply a small bed specifically made for babies from birth until approximately four months old. Many bassinets or cradles that are made today still utilize the castor wheels design to make moving the bassinet easy and simple. Bassinets and cradles also tend to be a bit sturdier than traditional cribs and toddler beds for families with more children or for frequent overnight guests.


Bassinets may not include a changing table, depending on the type of bassinet and the manufacturer. A bassinet will typically come with a dust ruffle attached to the bottom and sides of the seat, making it very safe for infants to sleep on. If the bassinet does not include a dust ruffle, the manufacturer often includes an additional accessory called a bassinet dust ruffle. The dust ruffle is intended to protect the infant’s fingers from any potential dust that may collect on the bassinet mattress and surrounding area.

Some experts think that bassinets and convertible cribs are worth considering if your family has an extra young child or expectant sibling. If you already have a bassinet or travel crib, you might want to think about upgrading to sturdier units that are now available.  They are well made and may be safer for your child.



Studies Have Shown Bassinets To Be Safe

Most experts now agree that a mini crib or bassinet is more beneficial than a bassinets for infants. Babies spend more time sleeping in a bassinet than they do in a mini crib or a traditional crib. Additionally, babies spend twice as much time sleeping in their sleeping area in a bassinet versus in a mini crib or a traditional crib. Babies spend approximately six months sleeping in their crib or bassinet.  Using a convertible crib may be a good option to help save money in the long run.

Bassinets and cribs are also not always a good choice for older babies. These items are very hard for babies to get in and out of. These items will not be as helpful if your baby develops a condition known as SIDS. This condition is a death in which the baby could have survived if the parent had purchased a crib or a bassinet. These items are not deemed safe sleepers by most experts.

As new parents, it our goal to provide our little one with the safest possible sleep. We believe that a bassinet or a crib is not the safest option for your little one. Research has shown that babies who sleep in beds are at higher risk for death due to unexpected falling out. For more information on this and other important infant accessories please visit our website.

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