The Crzdeal Two-In-One Bassinet

Have you ever considered a bassinet?  A bassinet is a small crib designed especially for babies up to 4 months old.  It is usually oval, very lightweight and will have one side that folds down.  New parents love them, it allows them to have the baby sleeping in their bedroom without the bulk of a full sized crib.

We have tried the portable, lightweight bassinet from CZDEAL and really like what it has to offer.  This is a very light unit, making it easy to move around within your home.  It’s portable, meaning you can take it into another room or even pack it in your car.    The idea of taking up less space, while keeping your child comfortable and safe, make this a very attractive piece of baby furniture.

Bassinets Are Very Convenient

Baby cribs, while well made and very secure, can take up a lot of space.  That is fine when your child has their own bedroom, but for those first scary months, it can be nice to have the baby close by.  This small bassinet takes up very little room, it is only 37″ long and 22″ wide.  The adjustable collapsing legs raise the bed to about 22″ off the ground, making it the perfect height for keeping next to your bed.  One side of the bassinet folds down so that you can easily place the baby in or lift the baby out of the bed.  The height is just right for keeping the bassinet next to your bed,  you will have easy access if you need to calm your child down.

Bassinet Storage Tray

One of the nicest features of this unit is the storage tray that is underneath the bed.  When you have opened the bassinet to its full height, you have a good sized storage area available.  It’s perfect for diapers, clean clothes and other baby necessities.    Want to move it to another room?  No problem, the whole unit weights less than 20 pounds.

Safe And Secure

Safety is always the number one concern of every parent.  We found that this bassinet met every Federal standard and was extremely well made.  The frame is solid, the mattress is firm with a soft cover and the sides nicely manufactured.  For less than $120, this is an excellent value and will last for many years.

INFANS Baby Bedside Crib, Newborn Sleeper w/ Large Storage Basket, Adjustable Heights & Angle, Detachable &Washable Mattress, Breathable Mesh, Straps, Easy Moving Bed Side Bassinet, Light Grey